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Image: Jessica Joy Deviant Art
Is it okay to build-a-baby?
Unless you live in Middle Earth, you have heard the announcement that Kanye Kardashian (or is it Kim West?) are having a baby, and are not naming him...
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Two Girls One Toy: Uma
Writer Krissy Eliot and sex educator Jamye Waxman have no idea what the Uma is, until they unwrap the box during their Surprise! Sex Toy! Review! They...
Illustration on “female Viagra” by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times
Female Viagra is a Desire Downer
Women don’t need viagra, despite the FDA’a advisory panel suggestion to approve Flibanserin, aka “Female Viagra.” While the third time is a charm (this Viagra-esque sexual desire drug has been denied by the...
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Two Girls One Toy: Luna Beads
Sex educator Jamye Waxman and writer Krissy Eliot take off with Lelo’s Luna Beads. These beads (also known as Kegel balls) are designed to help strengthen the pelvic...
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Two Girls One Toy: Stronic Eins
Writer Krissy Eliot and sex educator Jamye Waxman discuss Fun Factory’s Stronic Eins. This brightly colored G-spot stimulator doesn’t vibrate, instead it thrusts and pulsates. Can it pulsate...
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Two Girls, One Toy: Fleshlight
Looks like a can, feels like a pussy. That’s the Fleshlight. This extremely popular male masturbator is as intriguing as it is eerie. Could it be better...