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Come, watch and win.
Traditionally a British celebration, National Orgasm Day is going international this year with a collaboration between Gasm.org and the UK’s number one sex toy company, Lovehoney.com. We believe that orgasm is...
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6 Vaginas You Don’t Want to Miss
Over a week ago, Japanese artist Megumi Igarash, known in the art world as Rokudenashiko, was arrested for asking people to print 3-D selfies of her vagina. Even...
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Debunking the Vibrator Desensitization Myth
Sexologist Megan Andelloux, founder of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, debunks the sex myth around vibrators and over-stimulation. Can a powerful vibrator cause your genitals...
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Flashback Friday: Dirty Bird Special
Back in 2009, the Daily Show‘s Jason Jones went down to Florida to investigate a report that seniors were contracting sexually transmitted infections from having casual, unprotected...
Candida and Me
C is for Candida
C is for Candida Royalle, an ex-porn star and pioneer in the adult film industry. C is for Candice, my close friend and mentor. C is for...
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Gasm.org and Good Vibrations Present: Discreet Sex Toys
Do you ever want to have some you-time with a sex toy — but don’t want to disturb your mother sleeping in the next room? Not all...