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People Are Using Photoshop to Tweak Pregnancy Test Results
When a woman thinks she’s pregnant, over-the-counter pregnancy tests are usually the first step to determining the truth of the matter. Planned Parenthood suggests that women wait until...
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Five Fluid Celebrities
Gender and sexual fluidity are both getting some much needed attention these days, with celebrities of all ages coming out of the woodwork to make public that everything is not...
This Woman Had a Sex Toy In Her Vagina For 10 Years
When a 38-year-old Scottish woman went to the doctor with concerns about dramatic weight loss, they found a sex toy in her vagina that had been in...
Pornhub Made a Fake Butt That Twerks
Pornhub is trying to get into the sex toy business and has created a faux female Twerking Butt. It’s a fake butt made of “cyberskin” which is supposed to...
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Get Naked in Public
If you love to go buck (as in wild and naked), but you’re not ready to go streaking across the field during your favorite sports game — we’ve compiled...
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This Guy Won a GoT Throne Made of Dildos
Ralph, a writer at Hexjam, managed to win himself a GoT Throne made of dildos. It’s six feet tall, dark gray, and has removable dongs. He made a...