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How to Screw the Easter Bunny
If you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny (or at least don’t find pleasure in his presence) then here are five vibrating rabbits that could get you...
face slapping
Domi Dollz Presents: Face Slapping
In this episode of the Domi Dollz Intro to Kink series, Nina Payne and Mona Rogers teach you the delicate art of face slapping. Good for a...
Artificial Vagina is the Real Deal
I had never heard of Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome before, and therefore never knew that in rare cases a baby girl is born without a fully developed vagina and/or uterus....
A Stranger Touched My Clit and I Liked It
Over the past few years, OneTaste, the orgasmic meditation organization, has been gaining popularity. So when OneTaste decided to throw their 2014 OMX Conference in Oakland, Calif., journalist...
penis festival
A Short Post on the Penis
Not everyone loves penis, but without what comes out of a penis, none of us would be here today. And to celebrate this cold (okay, warm) hard...
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Travel Agency Offers Ovulation Discount to Combat Denmark’s Declining Birth Rates
Spies Travels, a Danish travel agency, created Do it for Denmark — a campaign dedicated to increasing Denmark’s rapidly declining birth rate. According to their commercial, 10 percent of Danish...