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Office Homophobe Skit Challenges Ideas About Homophobia
Office Homophobe, a skit from Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, raises interesting questions about homophobia, stereotypes, and when it’s appropriate to bring up sexuality.     Can...
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Two Girls, One Toy: Minna’s Limon
Do you have a fruit fetish? Gasm.org’s Jamye Waxman and Krissy Eliot provide a fresh-squeezed take on Minna Life‘s Limon. What fruit would you have sex with?...
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Watch Her First Orgasm Bloom in a Bed (of Flowers)
Video by Gasm.org’s Krissy Eliot and Jamye Waxman. Did you know it’s Female Orgasm Day?! (crickets) We thought as much. So much attention is paid to the male orgasm in...
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Five to Fifty Shades: Flogging
For tonight’s premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey, we go from pinwheels to figure-eights to a move called “the swing.” Get ready for the Domi Dollz to give you fifty...
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Quiz: Are You Ready For an Anal Adventure?
Are you smart about the ass? We want to know. Share your score with us in the comments below and you could win an Aneros anal toy and...
Canes Crops & Paddles
Five to Fifty Shades: Canes, Crops and Paddles
With Fifty Shades of Grey premiering tomorrow, the Domi Dollz want to help you “steele” your own sexy scene. For even more tips from how to give it...