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"Playful Type" by Chris Labrooy
When Sex (Toys) Go Wrong
When it comes to sex, adding a toy can truly spice up your sex life. Yet, every so often sex toys don’t work the way we expect...
"Large Bather (quicksand)" by Carroll Dunham
7 of The Most Unique Vulvas You’ll Ever See
Every vulva is a work of art that’s different and special in its own way — and that uniqueness deserves acknowledgement. These artists took that idea to...
Image courtesy of the guardian.co.uk
What Your Eye Doctor Can Teach You About Sex
Remember when playing doctor was cool? Well, it still can be. We’re not talking about taking out the stethoscope and listening for a heart beat; we’re talking...
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Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex
Even after he’s been stabbed in the stomach by a woman named Talia al Ghul, Batman has only one thing on his mind. That thing? Well, he...
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Fart Fetishes and Other Stinky Sex Acts
When it comes sex, do farts and armpits give you pleasure? According to sex educator and porn fetish performer Kelsey, fart fetish​es​ and armpit sniffing are not...
8 Songs About Sexy Things Women Wear
When you see a woman in a pair of stilettos, do you immediately want to ask her out? When you’re at the grocery store, do you find yourself...