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Getting Closer Through an Open Relationship
My boyfriend and I have been together for the better part of nine years. I say “the better part” because I’m 22 and he’s 23, and the...
Bare breasts
Breasts without Brushes
The other night I was watching the “Brave New World” episode of the first season of Masters of Sex (yes, I know I’m slightly behind the times). At...
Undergarments to Get Laid or Get a Laugh
Sometimes the best thing to do during sex is laugh. So rather than surprising your partner with the typical lingerie from Victoria’s Secret to turn them on, get creative in...
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Penis Love: Uncut
When it comes to the penis, foreskin can be a highly sensitive topic (and we mean literally). What do you do if he’s still intact? Do you...
Is It Okay for Fleshlight to Remember September 11th?
As someone who clearly remembers my own experience of New York City on 9.11.2001, I had originally made the decision to stay off social media for the...
Candy For The Naked Eye: Famous Streaking Incidents of Yore
Fall is here — which means college classes are starting and sports are firing up. Streaking is an age old tradition that celebrates college and sports life,...