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Happy Asexuality Awareness Week
It’s Asexuality Awareness Week. To celebrate — and educate — we’ve rounded up some of the best sources on the subject in the hopes that they can...
Department Store Sells Shirt That Says ‘It’s Not Rape. It’s A Snuggle With A Struggle’
The SuperMall (SM) Store, a major department store in the Philippines, was selling a male t-shirt that read “It’s Not Rape. It’s A Snuggle With A Struggle.”...
Strange Sex Toys That Will Give You Chills…
  Much like Halloween, sex toys can be really scary… especially when they’re novelty, they don’t have any directions, and they look like little green, one-eyed monsters....
The Dangers of Sex… With Mythical Creatures
Halloween is just around the corner; it’s a night for people to wear togas, fangs, and slutty maid outfits (or furry Chewbacca outfits, if you’re into that)....
Reflections on a Porn Star Past
Howie Gordon‘s professional porn career started with a phone call to his wife. While she declined the chance to audition for a sex movie, she thought her...
October Means Breasts Get Even More Attention
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (Ladies and gents – have you checked yours yet?), and while we’re not suggesting you go pink, we wanted to remind...