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Reflections on a Porn Star Past
Howie Gordon‘s professional porn career started with a phone call to his wife. While she declined the chance to audition for a sex movie, she thought her...
October Means Breasts Get Even More Attention
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month (Ladies and gents – have you checked yours yet?), and while we’re not suggesting you go pink, we wanted to remind...
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This Barber Gets Naked and Shaves Other Men’s Balls
Australian stylist Dick Savvy, also known as the “Naked Barber,” is (as far as we know) the only man who strips naked to groom other men’s balls,...
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90s Kids on “The Sex Talk”
In the video 90s Kids on “The Sex Talk,” journalist Krissy Eliot interviews Millennials (those born from the 1980s to early 2000s) about how parents should talk to...
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Could You Ever Love a Love Doll?
Back in 2011, the Metro UK  wrote a story about filmmaker Dave Hockey’s affair with his silicone love doll. The subtitle boldly claimed that his wife Wendy didn’t...
Teen Movie/TV Heartthrobs You’re Legally Allowed to Love
Teenage life is often sexualized and glorified in the media with depictions of hot older actors playing “high schoolers” in TV and movies — so it’s no...