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Anal sex for everyone!
Because the interwebs tells us that it’s always time to talk about anal sex, and because you definitely want to talk about it before you let someone...
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The Best LGBTQ Shirts You’ll See This Year
The online clothing company HUMAN is well known for their wacky and superbly designed graphic t-shirts and merchandise. But they really outdid themselves when they unveiled the LGBTQ...
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The Best Way To Stay Married
The title to writer Ada Calhoun’s recent Modern Love article, The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give, makes you think it’s  about some dead fiancé or a jilted bride. But...
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Amy Schumer: The ‘Sex Comic,’ ‘Trainwreck,’ and Incredibly Smart Woman
Amy Schumer has often been called “a sex comic” by the media, because she talks a lot about sex in her standup routines. But even though she’s...
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You Don’t Know Dick
I thought I knew dick, but I think that what I think about dick and then the broader concept of dick are two very different things. At least, that’s...
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Is it okay to build-a-baby?
Unless you live in Middle Earth, you have heard the announcement that Kanye Kardashian (or is it Kim West?) are having a baby, and are not naming him...