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This Alien Wants to Suck On Some Dick
Sex Educator and Chief Gasm Officer, Jamye Waxman reviews a foreign object designed for the male member. If monsters are your thing, then get ready to meet...
Do Rich Women Need Chic Condoms?
Lovability Inc. is a startup that makes condoms for women. Not the classic female condoms that are inserted into a woman’s vagina before sex — but male...
Why The Baseball Sex Metaphor Needs to Change
For years, people have used baseball as a metaphor for sex. We’ve all heard terms like, “rounding second base,” “hitting home runs,” “playing pitcher or catcher,” etc....
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Two Girls, One Toy: Njoy Eleven
What do you get when you put two girls and one sex toy together in a room? A sassy, silly and smart video review. Check out writer,...
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Seven Faces of Sex Work
Since 2009, the Red Umbrella Project (RedUP) has created a place for sex workers to vent their feelings. The monthly performance event — the Red Umbrella Diaries — offered industry...
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If Clueless Men Made Tampon Commercials
Some weeks back, we brought you What If Maxi Pad Ads Used Red Instead of Blue. And now our love for menstruation commercial parodies continues with Hammerkatz newest...