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On Fat Women: Being Them and Knowing Them
Overweight women get a lot of flack for being fat. They also get fetishized and fawned over — sometimes in respectful ways, and other times not. Our...
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Sex Selfie Stick Let’s You Facetime Your Vag
If you think it’s too weird and personal when people post dentist selfies of the insides of their mouths, just wait until you see the Instagrammed photos of...
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50 Shades of Kink Done Right
In this video 50 Shades parody, Sexual Empowerment Coach Amy Jo Goddard gives us a lesson on what kink really is, and how to make it hot. Want to know...
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How to Pair Your Steak with a Blowjob
Today is Steak and Blowjob Day. While we anxiously await our turn for cake and cunnilingus, we wanted to offer up our own menu of manilicious yummy...
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MARCH MADNESS: Uniforms That Are Mad Hot
For all you sports fans out there, March Madness is a pretty hot topic. And while it’s always fun to watch some tall, muscular boys play with balls…...
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If Couples Chose Porn Like They Chose Netflix Movies
In this hilarious CollegeHumor skit, a couple decides what porn to watch just like they’d decide what to watch on Netflix. The end of the video raises...