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The Perineum
In this video, Lanae St. John, aka The Mama Sutra, discusses the perineum. She talks about where it is, what to do once you find it, and how...
Sapphic Love by Oggianu Gianluca
Lesbians Have More Orgasms Than Straight Chicks
A recent article in The Guardian, entitled “Lesbians know the secret to the best orgasm you’re not having” makes a bold claim that the problem with female sexual...
Nothing Says Romance Like a Month’s Worth of Food in The Freezer
Sex without romance is like a marriage without love. It works, but really, it’s not very exciting or desirable. Since August is Romance Awareness Month, we wanted...
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17 Things You Were Never Taught About Sex
  Last week, Buzzfeed released 17 Things You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed — a video about how the sex education system has failed society. Social media users were...
"Playful Type" by Chris Labrooy
When Sex (Toys) Go Wrong
When it comes to sex, adding a toy can truly spice up your sex life. Yet, every so often sex toys don’t work the way we expect...
"Large Bather (quicksand)" by Carroll Dunham
7 of The Most Unique Vulvas You’ll Ever See
Every vulva is a work of art that’s different and special in its own way — and that uniqueness deserves acknowledgement. These artists took that idea to...