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Candy For The Naked Eye: Famous Streaking Incidents of Yore

By on September 10, 2014

Fall is here — which means college classes are starting and sports are firing up. Streaking is an age old tradition that celebrates college and sports life, and it’s become a rite of passage. Of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate to encourage people to break any laws by promoting public nudity… but teehee, naked butts sure are fun.

Even if you’re not gonna do a naked romp through your own campus or sports field, at least take the time to recall and enjoy these famous streaking incidents of yore. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will streak. Erm, strike. 

Image via HuffPost.

The First U.S. Streaker

Washington and Lee student George William Crump is rumored to be the first streaker in America — having taken his naked romp across the college campus in 1804. According to Huffington Post, Robert E. Lee found the event so entertaining that he even encouraged the streaking tradition when he became president of the college in the 1860s.


Image via HuffPost.

Founding Father John Adam’s Son Did a Lewd Lap

Charles Adams, son of John Adams, got into trouble for running across the Harvard campus in his birthday suit in the 1700s. Political statement or a drunk dare? Place your bets.


Image via Wikipedia.

The Naked Ape

In the 1970s at South Carolina University, a naked student ran into the school’s library for only a moment, stopped at the desk and asked for a copy of the book The Naked Ape, then ran back out again.


Image via AJC.

The University Streak of 1974

In 1974, 1,543 University of Georgia students ran naked across the Sanford Stadium bridge with thousands of people lining the streets to cheer them on. It is rumored to be the biggest American university streak to date. The Baby Boomers had some serious sASS in their 20s, eh?


Image via TotalProSports.

The Guy Who Did a Fancy Dive Through The Uprights

In April 2004, some guy ran out onto the field during a rugby play between St. Helens and Huddersfield and practically flew through the uprights at Halliwell Jones Stadium in England. Talk about style. 10/10.


The Woman Who Streaked at the New Zealand Naked Rugby Event

During a nudist rugby game between The New Zealand Blacks and the Romanian Vampires, a woman disrupted the game by running through the naked men in her birthday suit. Is it still rebellious to streak during a game when the whole team is naked too? Why not?


If you saw a streaker run right by you, how would you react?