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How To Have Sex Like a Hippie

By on August 6, 2015


Illustration: Sam Wohl

If you’ve ever wondered how the smelliest, hairiest, freest of lovers have sex in their natural habitats (including yoga retreats, Rainbow Gatherings, Burning Man and drum circles) look no further than The Hippie Kama Sutra.

In celebration of sexy, hippie love, members of the “tribe” Sam Benjamin and Candice Lori help you navigate the difficult challenges a hippie may face when trying to smell good, feel good and get love. This includes navigating dreadlocks and finding natural aphrodisiacs for the sweet and sweatiest adventures.

Because hippies are all about spreading free love—here are five sex positions for the hippie in all of us.

The Double Dreadlock

Ever dread having sex? Well, what about using some dread(lock) energy to unearth your inner hippie.

Illustration: Sam Wohl

Illustration: Sam Wohl

The Hacky Sack

Kicking balls may be reserved for those CBT (Cock-n-ball torture) types, but not when it’s the hacky sack hippies are kicking.

Let’s Namaste Together

When a hippie says “let’s use a rubber,” you need to double check if they mean a condom or a mat. In this position, it’s best to use both.

Illustration Sam Wohl

Illustration Sam Wohl

Love in the Dust

For those who like to burn, baby, burn—this sex position is an homage to That Thing In The Desert that happens about this time every year. What better way to take in all the art, then to make love in the dust like all the dirty hippies do? 

Didgeridoo Me

You don’t have to go down under to get down under someone during a drum circle or other musical celebration.

Illustration: Sam Wohl

Illustration: Sam Wohl

Buy the book for more sexy positions and naturally good information on things like making you own amazing, all-natural, hippie-approved deodorant.


What’s your favorite hippie position to have sex in?