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If love is blind, why is #lingerie so popular?

By on December 18, 2013

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If love is blind, why is #lingerie so popular? 

The Internet has been riddled with the question for awhile now — particularly on message boards and Q&A sites, like Yahoo! and Askville. People want to know if there is a direct correlation between love and sexy bras or undies. Women’s magazine headlines like “Lingerie your Guy Will LOVE” and “Lingerie for Your Love Life” hint that wearing glamorous, sparkly lingerie is a way to glam oneself up to trigger romantic or sexual love with another person. On the flip side, companies like Dove push campaigns like the Real Beauty campaign, which focuses on raw, unaffected sexiness without fancy panties — suggesting that women wearing basic, white underwear can still inspire feelings of love and affection.

The question, “If love is blind, why is #lingerie so popular?” suggests that lingerie shouldn’t be necessary if love is in the equation. But all of us at Baci Lingerie believe it’s quite the opposite! We believe lingerie is valuable to love — in that it can inspire self love.

We think that lingerie should be worn for yourself — and worn in a way that inspires positive body image and healthy sexuality. At Baci Lingerie, we are on a mission to celebrate every woman with a variety of lingerie, apparel, and accessories that help women feel sensual and celebrated as sexy individuals. Women come in all shapes, sizes, and sensibilities — and so does lingerie, and the sexiest of lingerie cannot be confined to any one style. More often it’s all about mind set. 

The mystique of beautiful lingerie often implies “the sexier, the better.” This leads many of us to believe that sexy lingerie has transformative properties; people think that lingerie can give breasts the oomph they lack in real life, or it can give shy girls with glasses the confidence to try out their fantasies. While this is certainly desirable, finding the confidence and oomph is not as simple as buying the lingerie that a catalog deems “sexy.” The key is finding the perfect lingerie for YOU. 

To find the right lingerie for your body type, you have to identify what lingerie draws attention to your favorite features. Do you have the kind of breasts that defy gravity? Give pasties a shot. Legs for days? Dress them up with sensuous thigh-highs held up by a deliciously frivolous mock garter. Creating a statement with a body part you love is a built-in confidence boost and a mutual aphrodisiac. That’s because finding the right lingerie more often than not leads to a larger amount of love for your body!

Another fun aspect of lingerie and bedroom play is that it gives you the opportunity to be someone else for a little while — allowing you to feel at home in your body and act in ways that you never knew possible. 

While inspiring love in someone else with sexy lingerie is certainly a bonus, the inspiration of love for yourself is of paramount importance. Body image, like any relationship, takes time, patience, and the desire to commit — and lingerie is one wonderful way you can help cultivate the relationship that matters most – and that’s the relationship with you! and Baci Lingerie want to know about your journey toward self love.

Are you too hard on yourself? Do you have a special someone in your life that has shown you just how wonderful you are? Do you have any advice on how to love the skin you’re in? Leave a comment below or submit your thoughts here for a chance to win a sexy item from Baci Lingerie’s White Label Collection or Dreams by Baci .