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Meet the Makers: Good Clean Love

By on November 11, 2013

Wendy Strgar

Meet Wendy Strgar. She is the CEO of Good Clean Love, a company birthed to save her marriage. She’s also a talk-radio host and Loveologist. You can say, when it comes to Good Clean Love, necessity was the mother of her invention. 

Who are you and what do you make?

I am the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love- We make organic and all natural intimacy products that are healthy and naturally wake up the limbic part of the brain- the control center for our libido.

Why did you start making intimacy products?

I  started this company to save my own marriage.  I was really allergic to all the products on the market and after nursing four babies for way too long I was dry all the time.  The heavily concentrated petrochemical products on the market made sex really painful, both during and for hours after- so you could say that necessity was the mother of invention. After I discovered and started making love oils I was amazed at the improvement in my sex life and then my marriage…

What was your career before love-product maker?

I was doing education reform and trying to open a charter school which was a peace academy.  The school was illegally turned down and I started Good Clean Love to raise the money to fight my case for the school.  In the end,  I feel like I am still teaching peace, because truly if you can’t maintain loving relationships with the people you love the most, how could we make peace anywhere else.   Our intimate lives are the proving grounds for all the other relationships we take on in the world.

How did you tell your family you were making love products?

They knew because it started in our home. At first it was hard for me to tell people who knew me from the school and as my kids went through middle school they would all say, mom, you don’t have a jobDon’t talk about what you do…

Even in my family, where we talk about everything, my work on sexual health has sometimes been hard for them. This is why in my writing I always think about how my family would feel if they read this – it has, I think, elevated my sex education to be how I would want my own kids to learn about sex.

What is your all time favorite love products…

Scent is the most powerful sense we have when it comes to our sexual awakening so I love to make and use our aphrodisiac love products. They open the gateway to our storehouse of sexual fantasy and give vital information to awaken our arousal mechanism.   I don’t know that I could have sex with out it anymore….

Why should women/men/couples use love products?

Love products extend the time you love someone, which for most couples is a serious game changer. Adding scent to your lovemaking wakes up the sexiest part of our body- our limbic brain which is the control center for our memories, emotions and sexuality. Scented oils also add more time to your foreplay which deepens the connection on many levels. Adding even 5-10 minutes can impact the ways you feel seen. Also, any body part slippery and scented with erotic oils is way sexier than that same body part dry.

 One thing people may not know about your love products, but something they should know is…

People often are unaware that scent is our primary sense when it comes to sexuality. Imagine trying to kiss someone who smells bad – impossible.   Likewise, paying more focused attention to how someone’s scent turns you on engages a much deeper part of our sexuality and frees up the fantasy space.  Another thing pertaining more to lubricant is that many people are confused by warming gels – they confuse the passionate engorgement of sexual organs with the petrochemical burn of many lubricants which are actually burning the cellular walls of their most sensitive tissue.  If it burns after, that is not sexy.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

The coolest thing about being the founder of Good Clean Love is getting to work at love from a million angles every day. I love formulating clean, healthy products and educating people about how love can change their perspective on everything. I get to speak with fascinating, brilliant people about the most important and meaningful aspect of our lives- our intimate relationships.  I always tell people that in the last moments of their lives the only thing that will matter to them is who they loved and who loved them back…

We look forward to hearing more from Wendy in future posts here at Gasm HQ.  In the mean time we would love to know what you think of lube, what do you like? what don’t like?  leave your comments below and you could be in the running for some gasm goodies.