On Death, Dying and Orgasms

By on November 6, 2015

When two of our favorite sex nerds get together, our ears start buzzing. That’s exactly what happened this week when Megan Andelloux, sexologist and founder of the Center for Pleasure and Health, and podcaster Sex Nerd Sandra, sat down to talk about death, sex, and dementia.


The honest, open and candid conversation on this latest SNS podcast isn’t always easy to listen to (especially if you’re afraid of your own mortality), but it is important information. It’s an account of Andelloux’s first hand experience with her own brain injury.

This episode reminds us to live in the moment and be present with what’s happening in our bodies. It also serves as a good reminder that pleasure is a way to alleviate pain. Plus, it’s important for to tell those we love and admire that we are here, we have their back, and we are thinking of them.

Go Team Megan! We’re rooting for you all the way.

Listen to the podcast:


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