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Meet the Makers: OhMiBod

By on October 7, 2013

Brian and Suki recently celebrated 26 years as a couple (they’ve been married 21 years). Together, they dynamic duo have created a family, both personally and professionally. Their company, OhMiBod, first combined luxury sex toys and music. They’re now launching Lovelife. In addition, they helped singer, songwriter and reality TV star, Kandi Burruss launch her Bedroom Kandi line of elegant pleasure products.

Photo by Penny Bradfield

Photo by Penny Bradfield

We are OhMiBod, makers of the original music vibrator.  We specialize in technology capable and luxury designer pleasure products.  We are also co-Founders of Bedroom Kandi and Bedroom Kandi Boutique Parties, a nationwide home party plan company that offers a boutique style branded range of high quality products ranging from vibrators to lubricants and everything in between.

Why did you start making sex toys? 

Brian gave Suki two stocking stuffers one Christmas.  A vibrator and an iPod.   With Suki’s experience in product marketing at Apple and Brian’s manufacturing capabilities, a ground-breaking product was born – an iPod vibrator.  Since then, the two have made it their mission to provide design and technology oriented products in a sophisticated and appealing way to women and couples.

What was your career before sex-toy maker? 

Suki worked at Apple Computer for almost 10 years in the Worldwide Product Marketing organization and Brian worked at Tyco Electronics with a focus on global Finance & Supply Chain.

How did you tell your family you were making sex toys?

We’re extremely proud of what we have done in our short 6 year career in this industry and more importantly the impact that it has had in popular culture. Not all of our family members have truly embraced our choice to design and manufacture luxury adult products, but in the final analysis, we cannot control what other people think.  We’re excited about what we’ve done and where we are headed and maybe someday, those who chose not to support us in our ‘alternative” career choice in the beginning, will eventually come to realize that what we are doing is…for lack of a better word, good.

We are open about what we do with both of our children, now 15 and 12, and that has opened up a wide range of discussions about sex and sexuality.  We feel that it’s important to walk the talk – and approach our family and children with honesty and openness about what we do and more importantly why we do it.

What is your all time favorite sex toy?

Club Vibe 2.OH is probably one our favorite toys of the products that we’ve designed.  Suki loves to dance and Club Vibe 2.OH is the perfect dancing partner!   Our friends in the industry have also designed fantastic toys. We often trade toys with one another…Fun Factory, JimmyJane, Big Tease Toys to name a few that are in Suki’s toy box.

Why should women/men/couples use sex toys?

It’s pretty simple, intimacy and fun in the bedroom is one of the key ingredients to any successful relationship.  Suki and I have been together for 26 years and have weathered a few storms during that time.  One thing that has helped to keep our intimacy alive and well is the use of toys.

One thing people may not know about your sex toys, or a specific sex toy, but something they should know (because it will help them get more pleasure from their experience)? 

Most of our toys are technology driven and many don’t realize that they can be used in a variety of ways.  For example, you can skype with your partner from afar and the vibe will react to your voice.  Some also don’t realize that we have a Remote Control App (OhMiBod Remote) in the iTunes store that gives the user ultimate control over their toy since they can create and save their favorite pulsations.   People also don’t realize that our vibes are also great stand-alone vibes with standard patterns.

What sex toy do you think still needs to be invented (and hasn’t)?

One that does the dishes.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?  

The coolest thing about our job is just that, thinking about what the future of sex toys is, where the industry is headed and how many orgasms we’re responsible for around the globe.   The other cool thing is that we’re having an impact on popular culture.  We’re all (collectively with our brand peers) changing the image of this industry, removing the stigmas surrounding it and opening up conversations among women and couples that are long overdue.

If you and your lover could create any sex toy, what would it be? Leave a comment and you could win a Club Vibe 2.0.