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The Sexpert Guide to Orgasm

By on May 6, 2014

In The Sexpert Guide to Orgasm, interviews Esther Perel, Sex Nerd Sandra, Ducky Doolittle, Dr. Tammy Nelson, Carol Queen, Abiola Abrams, Barbara Carrellas, Liz Canner, Megan Andelloux, and Shanna Katz to reveal the secrets behind achieving a fulfilling orgasm — and whoo! These sexperts really put out the good stuff.

Are you having trouble reaching an orgasm?

Did you ever try using a faucet? Or breathing wider when you’re having sex?

There are numerous ways you can achieve sexual satisfaction. So, before you give up, why not start with just the tips? (Hee-hee.)

Spend a few moments watching this video and it just may lead to fun mO!ments in the bedroom. Or the bathroom. Or the backseat of a car… whatever you’re into.


How do you reach a fulfilling orgasm?