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Gasm is an open, anonymous community built on honest, informed discussion about pleasure and human sexuality.

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Team Gasm.org

Jamye Waxman
Chief Gasm Officer

As an amazing connector and well-known educator, author, and lecturer in the field of human sexuality and relationships Jamye brings a wealth of knowledge to content curation and development.

Stephanie Salyers
Sensuality Stylist

Sourcing the globe for pleasurable goodies, Stephanie believes that all people have the right to know and enjoy their sensuality.

Roger McNulty
Business Development & Founder

Roger created the gasm.org brand as a vehicle to mainstream healthy dialogue around pleasure, sexual health & wellbeing. He is passionate about developing a hub where the best in pleasure come together to learn, share, and explore.

Krissy Eliot
Creative Director

Krissy is a writer and digital media extraordinaire. She believes sexual freedom starts with the people - and the time for revolution is here.

Peter Gorman
Visual Director

As a highly acclaimed photographer and author Peter brings a great eye for detail and style. Having published over 4 books his work has been featured in countless anthologies and publications.

David Hackett
Chief Marketing Officer
& Co Founder

Living and working in various corners of the globe has allowed Dave to explore life's many pleasures. The pursuit of happiness has become a guiding light and from here the seed of gasm.org has sprung to life.


Lady cheeky

Elle Chase Sex educator, Writer, Sex coach Ellechase.com

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Sam Benjamin Author, Educator. sambenjamin.tumblr.com/

Dr Logan Levkoff

Dr Logan Levkoff Sexologist, relationship expert, author loganlevkoff.com

Esther Perel

Esther Perel Therapist, Author, Speaker. estherperel.com

Charlie Glickman

Charlie Glickman Sexuality Educator, Author, Trainer, Speaker. charlieglickman.com

Leela Sinha

Leela Sinhha Life coach leelalifecoaching.com

Molly Adler

Molly Adler Founder of Self Serve Toys selfservetoys.com

Rebecca Chalker

Rebecca Chalker Women's health writer and activist

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 5.57.49 PM

Joan Price Speaker, Author. nakedatourage.com


Jacq Jones Owner Sugar the Shop sugartheshop.com

Barbara Carellas

Barbara Carrellas author, sex educator, university lecturer. barbaracarrellas.com

Lara Riscol

Lara Riscol Journalist, Writer. evokes.com

Jane Duvall

Jane Duvall Founder of Jane's guide janesguide.com

Rachel Venning

Rachel Venning Founder of Babeland. babeland.com

Sandra Doherty

Sandra Daugherty sexnerdsandra.com


Dr Tammy Nelson PhD, LPC, licensed psychotherapist and author. drtammynelson.com

Rachel Kramer Bussell

Rachel Kramer Bussell Author, Editor, Blogger. rachelkramerbussel.com

Dr Ruthie

Dr Ruthie Relationship expert, assistant professor, sex positive activist. exploringintimacy.com

Carol Queen

Carol Queen Writer and Cultural sexologist, Founder of the Centre for Sex & Culture sexandculture.org

Shanna Katts

Shanna Katz Sex Educator, Author. shannakatz.com

Megan Andelloux

Megan Andelloux Sexologist, Sexuality Educator, Founder of the CSPH. ohmegan.com

Ducky Doolittle

Ducky Doolittle Sex Educator, Author, Storyteller. duckydoolittle.com


Reid Mihalko Sex & Relationship Expert, Writer, Producer. reidaboutsex.com

Abiola Abrams

Abiola Abrams Author and Media Personality www.abiolaabrams.com

Dr Jenn

Dr Jenn Ph.D. Sociologist, relationship & intimacy counselor www.drjennsden.com


Stef Woods university professor, sexuality educator, cancer survivor. www.citygirlblogs.com

IMG_2463 copy

Ian Denchasy Co-founder of Freddy and Eddy www.freddyandeddy.com

ninaleopard grin '10 copy

Nina Hartley Performer, director, writer, educator, public speaker, and original “feminist porn star.” www.nina.com