Sex in 2014: Your Best Sex Stories

By on January 1, 2015

Photo Credit: Applehead Studio

Photo Credit: Applehead Studio

2014 was a year where we, at Gasm, tried a lot of new and sexy things. Krissy Eliot let a stranger touch her clit (and she liked it). We learned that open relationships can bring you closer and that watching porn can teach you how to give a great blowjob. Sam Benjamin taught us a little bit about hippie sex and we learned about fart fetishes and other stinky sex acts.

And because we always want to know #yourgasm — we asked readers like you to tell us what their best sexual experiences of 2014 were, and this is what they told us:

“I surprised my man from behind, and rode him into the morning sunrise. Because waking up with Folgers isn’t for everyone.”

“Early in the year I had sex with a pregnant woman at various stages of her pregnancy. Check.”

“Well aimed finger banging is always in style.”

“To start off, I have had a few lovers this year and they were great. But I am ending this year with the best sex I have ever had. I recently started a relationship with the man of my dreams. I don’t just have sex with him, I make love with him every time. I feel safe and honored by him. We click on just about every level.  We even cum at the same time most times! He respects me and treats me like a queen in the bedroom. He cuddles just how I like cuddling. I am never bored even though our sex would be considered vanilla and I like a bit more kink. The best part of it is I noticed that he does not feel the need to cum in my mouth or on me. I am ok with it, but when we discussed it he said he does not feel that is a way to treat a lady in the bedroom. I just about cried when I accepted that I will not feel like I am owned or feel trashy when I am with him. This is the safest I have ever felt with a partner EVER! I am keeping him for as long as I humanly can. I have found my match. I am happy and proud to be with him. I love him dearly.”

“I participated in double vaginal penetration with an extremely gorgeous woman and her well-endowed boyfriend. She is so fine and I’m still in awe that I got to have sex with her. Her ass is extraordinary, her athleticism is top notch, and I still marvel that I was able to fit my dick into her when there was already one there.”

“I had the opportunity at last to make love with two men at the same time who also enjoyed one another. The culmination of a life’s fantasy…”

“I had sex that made me grateful for the love I have.”

“I was grateful to HAVE sex. It had been a while…”


What was your best sex of 2014? How will you top it in the year ahead?

  • Guest

    utterly celibate… when I do indulge in a sexual relationship again… it may be a long time before I use my toys again… #nosexin2014

  • Shell’z Cellz n Diva Land

    utterly celibate… when I do indulge in a sexual relationship again…it may be a long time before I use my toys again…maybe after 2015 I will have something to share with you guys…