5 Ways to Celebrate Your Independence

By on July 4, 2014

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Image via JennyLane/Cake Central

Isn’t independence grand? We think so! So here are five things to celebrate this Fourth of July:

1. Celebrate your individuality and whatever makes you, you. There’s no one else like you. No one that thinks just like you, acts just like you, or eats pizza (crust first) like you (or is that only me?). Celebrate your unique and independent nature.

2. Celebrate your sexy self by masturbating. Independent sex acts for your personal pleasure are great acts of self love.

3. Celebrate your single-dom. If you’re unattached, celebrate what it means to be in a relationship with yourself. Propose a toast to yourself and all you’ve accomplished in this life. Pamper yourself with a full body massage or go online and laugh at all the people you would never want to date.

4. Celebrate and congratulate yourself on becoming an independent adult. You can eat ice cream for dinner. You can listen to your music too loudly. You can go to bed as late as you want. Nobody else can tell you what to do because you’re the boss of you.

5. Celebrate your freedom. If you’re happy and child-free, then celebrate being childless because you still have way more independence than people without children (not to mention more disposable income). If you have a family, celebrate the choice to be a mother, a father, a sister, or a brother.

So, this Independence Day, be grateful that you have a right to have your own thoughts, beliefs and ideas — especially when it comes to pleasure. Celebrate your life. Be free, and be good.


What are you celebrating this Fourth of July?