6 Vaginas You Don’t Want to Miss

By on July 30, 2014

Rokudenashiko and her pussy boat

Rokudenashiko and her pussy boat

Over a week ago, Japanese artist Megumi Igarash, known in the art world as Rokudenashiko, was arrested for asking people to print 3-D selfies of her vagina. Even though she was released back into a country that allows for an all day Penis festival, it’s a sad state of affairs when it’s not okay to print the world’s first 3D scanned pussy boat, aka Peach on a Beach.

Rokudenashiko started making molds of her vulva because she was curious about what it looked like. Before the molding, she had never really looked at her vulva before, and she worried that something was wrong with her lady bits. But after showing the world her genitals (in various forms including dioramas), Rokudenashiko need not worry if her vulva is normal anymore, but, she does need to worry about her country’s double standard when it comes to genitalia. While her goal is to actually sail the Peach on a Beach across water, she’ll have a ways to go before it’s smooth sailing for her project.

When it comes to art, the vulva has taken on many forms. Here we present you with some of our favorites. Go ahead, it’s okay to look.

Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party

Image from Judy Chicago's "The Dinner Party."

Image of a plate from Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party.”

1974 – 1979: The Dinner Party is installation artwork depicting a dinner table with place settings for 39 women. These 39 rad ladies have all been invited to the table because they have made an impact on women’s history. The women are both real and imagined figures and their place settings were created by feminist artist Judy Chicago. While the whole exhibit is striking, what often stands out is that many of the plates have symbols of flowers or butterflies that resemble a vulva. In addition to the 39 women seated at the triangular table, 999 more are honored by floor tiles with their names on them. The art is enormous in both size and significance, and you can feel the power of the pussy when you enter the space. In 2007, the installation found a permanent home at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

The Wondrous Vulva Puppet

Image via the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

Image via the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

1980’s: While many variations on the vulva puppet exist, if you’re looking for the original hoo-ha, then Dorrie Lane’s House O Chicks is the place to go to get your vulva puppet on.  Not only do these puppets have a G-spots and easy to identify clitorises, they’ve been educating, and entertaining the masses for 20 plus years. I have one, and I love mine. I call her Vulvita, because I accept no imitations!

Finland’s Mobile Female Monument 

The artist pulling her Mobile Female Monument

The artist pulling her Mobile Female Monument

2007: Made of silicone and foam plastic, with satin upholstery, this sculpture became known as the the Giant Vulva Bicycle Taxi or Pussy Wagon. Mimosa Pale‘s art appeared at Tennispalatsi Art Museum in Helsinki. Her sculpture of a giant vulva sitting atop a four wheeled bike frame traveled along the streets of Helsinki twice a week. A passerby could enter the vulva, which had enough space for one adult to lie down in it. Inside, the participants could play with strings, while outside the vulva could be rocked, steady…steady rocking all night long.

The Internal Clitoris

2008: Fine artist and sex educator extraordinaire, Betty Dodson has spent a lifetime drawing nudes, and talking about the types of pleasure you can experience when naked (or with some clothes on). Her video on the internal clitoris is not only educational, but it’s art in action.

The Pussy Pipe

The Diane Pussy Pipe. Image via Billy Pacak.

The Diane Pussy Pipe. Image via Billy Pacak.

2011: When I first met this wood sculptor in a gallery in Culver City, I was quite impressed with his craftsmanship. Molded from real models, these wooden vulvas do more than meet the eye. The vagina and clitoris, well, they slide out because “c’est une pipe.” For those who can’t figure out the French, it means it’s also a pipe…the kind you can smoke out of. Now that’s one smoking hot pussy.

Casting Off My Womb

Dec. 2013: Vaginal knitter Casey Jenkins spent 28 days knitting from balls of wool she placed inside her vagina. For her, the knitting  was about getting intimate with her body, and allowing herself, and the world, to watch a full cycle of womanhood. When it was time for her period, the yarn turned red, and still, Casey kept knitting. Her message: there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being a woman.


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