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Good Vibrations Buyer Talks The Business of Pleasure

By on February 24, 2014

Coyote Days

Photo by Sarah Deragon

Coyote Days is the purchasing manager at Good Vibrations, one of the first sex stores that blended knowledge, comfort and value alongside a sexy shopping experience. With a thriving online business and terrestrial locations in California and Massachusetts, Coyote is responsible for purchasing a lot of pleasure. 

How many have sex toys do you own personally?

I wouldn’t say I’m a minimalist, but I have been downsizing household items in my personal life over the past few years — striving for quality over quantity. This philosophy has spread into my personal sex toy collection as well. That said, I still probably have 20-25 toys.

How many sex toys do you think you’ve purchased for Good Vibes? 

I’ve been responsible for bringing in new sex toys/pleasure products for Good Vibrations for the past 8 ½ years. I think it’s safe to say I have selected over a thousand sex toys. If you include lingerie, games and the like, that number increases greatly.

What do you look for when purchasing sex toys for Good Vibes?

Functionality, safety, accurate marketing and a product that is going to resonate with our customers. Something can have great or not-so-great packaging, but that’s just the outside. What really matters is what’s on the inside – the product itself. Does it do what it says it does (speeds, functions) and does it appear to be the material it claims?
We offer a wide range of products in our stores. Our selection is curated so that we have something for everybody (as much as is possible).

How do you know what people want to buy when it comes to sex toys and products?

I talk to people and I listen. What do I want? What do my friends want? What would “speak” to our customers? Where in our lives are there gaps in how we are receiving pleasure and stimulation? What would a single person want? What about somebody who is abled differently? What about somebody who exists in an under-represented community?  Or somebody who is aging? I try to think about all the ways we seek pleasure and the objects that can help us actualize our fully sexual selves. There’s no guarantee that any item we pick up is going to be a best seller. I strive to curate a selection that offers up quality options at any price point that are functional, safe and can assist our customers in having great orgasms!

What is the most popular sex toy of all time (at least via Good Vibes)?

Our customers have a taste for the classics. Magic Wand all the way.

What sex toy surprised you with its success? 

It’s hard to narrow this down, over the years there have been quite a few sleeper hits. Items that we decided to add but just could not tell if they’d resonate with our customers. I will say that the original We-Vibe was one of these. From looking at the toy itself, it just wasn’t super clear how it would be used. We loved the idea of this toy and the idea of an item being marketed as a “couples toy” (this was the first toy being released that was specifically marketed to be used by couples). Seeing the success of the We-Vibe and how they’ve taken this great idea and created a best-selling toy line is very impressive.

What was the most ridiculous sex toy you NEVER purchased? And EVER purchased?

Over the years there have been plenty that we have passed up because of shape, or the fact that they didn’t function the way they were being marketed, or the materials, etc. There’s so many reasons not to add items. I can’t pinpoint just one that we passed up, but catch me in person and I’d be happy to talk your ear off about SO many of the crazy items that have landed in my inbox.

As for what we DID bring in, the Sqweel comes to mind. And people like it; it works for them. In the end, that is truly what matters no matter how ridiculous I think it looks.

Are there “rules” for purchasing a sex toy?

Absolutely. This seems obvious, but if a product isn’t functional, then we pass. Sometimes companies will put out products that look good but just don’t have any redeeming qualities. i.e. the material isn’t something we’re interested in carrying, the product is falsely marketed, or it just isn’t a good product. Our customers trust us to weed out the hundreds of items that are released each year and pick the best of them. We don’t settle for items that we know won’t deliver.

Is there an essential sex toy that everyone should have/own/try once?

This won’t be a surprise… Magic Wand. Even if doesn’t become your one and only, everybody should try it out once. At least.

Are more expensive sex toys better?

Not at all. I really believe there’s a place in this industry for toys at all price ranges. There can be a $20 quality vibrator and a $120 quality vibrator. What they offer will differ but they can still be great for that price. Pleasure is personal and I wouldn’t want to deny anybody the option of seeking out what turns them on and gets them off because they think they can’t afford it. This is where education comes in as well – explaining the pros and cons of each material, shape, and functionality. Some people may want to save up and splurge on the perfect toy while others will be satiated perfectly fine by a strong $20 battery vibe!

What sex toy is still missing from the market and needs to be designed? And what sex toy would you design if you could?

I know what I’m good at and what I’m not. I give great feedback, but I’m not a designer of toys. I’m sure there’s still functionality to be explored and innovated and shapes to be molded — and once they are, I look forward to reviewing them all.


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