Is it Time to Take Out the TaTas?

By on July 11, 2014

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Image via Andy Yang Sookit. Created by DDB Worldwide, Singapore, for the Breast Cancer Foundation’s Awareness and Education Programme.

It’s time to nip this whole “men can go topless, but women can’t” thing in the bud. Boobs are boobs. Whether they’re small and flat to the chest, or dangling to the knees, a breast is a breast is a breast. The biggest difference between men’s boobs and women’s boobs is that women can use their boobs for milk, even though not all women do. When it comes to boobs, we all have nipples that can be twisted and turned, unless they’ve been removed, but even then we may have nipples that can be titillated once they’re tattooed back on.

I’ve never been one to just bear my breasts in order to let the girls fly in the breeze. That was, until I had my daughter. Now I do it wherever and whenever she gets the need to feed, and while I still wouldn’t walk down the streets of my city baring my boobage, I would do it if I was at a topless beach and going with the flow. That being said, I will totally wear my new TaTa top (once I get it off backorder) because even if I don’t bare my own breasts, I support the idea that boobs, on any body, should be able to fly free.

Speaking of which, boobs have had a funny way of flying into the headlines these past few weeks.

In May, Scout Willis walked around Manhattan topless to protest an Instragram nudity policy. Sure, she got a lot of press for being the middle daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, but any woman who goes topless in New York City is going to get attention. And yeah, it’s totally legal for a woman to walk around Manhattan topless (it has been since 1992), even if the NYPD doesn’t seem to agree with the law. And it is still technically illegal to breastfeed, in some states.

In other boob news, The UK’s Mirror reported that a recent survey out of the University of Portsmouth claims that one in five women can’t exercise because their boobs get in the way. Perhaps, in that situation, it would be better to cover the girls up for the sake of physical fitness.

Whatever the headlines, the bottom line is that we all have a top half, and despite the fact that it’s not “one size fits all” when it comes to breasts — showing one’s boobs should be tit for tat.


Should it be legal for all women to go topless?