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Meet the Makers: The Screaming O

By on October 21, 2013

Meet Justin Ross. At 40, his company The Screaming O, has got every boner covered.

screaming O

Why did you start making sex toys?

I saw an opportunity to be a part of the booming adult business by introducing a sex toy concept that had the potential to change men’s and women’s sex lives forever. That concept – the Screaming O Vibrating Ring – catapulted the brand into international fame and our creative energy and momentum has been flowing strong ever since!

What was your career before sex-toy maker?

I worked at New York City hedge fund Millennium Partners as a portfolio manager. Before entering the wild world of adult toys, my career was rooted in structured finance.

How did you tell your family you were making sex toys?

Very carefully. When samples of our Screaming O Vibrating Ring arrived, I sent one to my father who, after a few hours, called me and said: “You might be onto something here.”

What is your all-time favorite sex toy?

Our original Vibrating Ring is second in line only to our Bullets. I honestly believe we have the best vibrating bullets on the market.

Why should people use sex toys?

Sex toys are fun. Simply put. And they make it easy to break down communication barriers and build intimacy between couples as they experiment with new and different sensations. When you’re not sure what you want, or don’t feel comfortable asking for it, sex toys help you share likes and desires with your partner while also giving you a chance to explore on your own. And did I mention they’re fun? They call them toys for a reason!

What’s one thing people may not know about one of your sex toys, so they can get more pleasure from their experience?

Our LingO vibrating tongue ring takes cunnilingus to a whole new level not only because it vibrates, but also because it makes “giving” seem almost effortless. But most people don’t realize that it was designed to turn your tongue into a vibrator – the LingO is not actually supposed to touch her skin! (It can, of course, but it won’t feel as good!)

Simply stretch it around the wider part of your tongue and hold it in place against the roof of your mouth. That transfers the vibration to the tip of your tongue and leaves you free to wiggle it and work your magic! Just try not to flex your tongue too much, because the LingO might not stay in the right place — and she’ll be pretty disappointed!

What sex toy do you think still needs to be invented? 

My team and I ponder that question weekly in our development meetings, and while we’d love to invent a sex toy that levitates or works telepathically, we keep things as realistic as our mad-scientist minds allow. And we keep the fun stuff we come up with under mental lock and key until they’re packaged and ready to show the world. That’s also probably the coolest part of my job – working with an amazing and talented team to create something new, improved and/or never been done before.

What’s your favorite toy?

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