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Meet the Makers: Steele Malone Dilettos

By on December 9, 2013

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Meet Steele Malone. His company, Steele Malone Dilettos, makes glass designed to blow more than your mind. That’s because his glass is meant to feel good in your orifices too. 

Who are you and what do you make?

My name is Steele Malone and I am the designer of the self-titled collection of venetian glass dildos called “Steele Malone Dilettos.” Each piece is hand-crafted, one by one, with love and master craftsmanship for your undying pleasure. I use use ancient venetian glass making techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation, for thousand of years.

Why did you start making sex toys?

I was working in a glass studio at the time learning the secrets of this nearly lost fire art form and was inspired by the numerous possibilities utilizing modern and traditional glass making techniques. The molten glass can be transformed to any size, form, texture, and virtually any color and struck me as a marvelous material for design. I fell in love with the process and alchemy of glass and had discovered a new muse.. The designer, entrepreneur, and sexual miscreant that I am, I saw an opportunity to take this rare art form and create some truly beautiful, sexy, functional, and erotic art. Glass dildos on the market at the time were mass-made imports from China with poor design and character. Glass is stimulating, both visually and sexually, and I really wanted people to experience that. I love art and sex and bringing them together and voila, that’s SM Venetian Glass Dilettos.

I want to inspire people to feel sexy and to use my product as a tool for exploring themselves and empowering their sexual power, both in, and outside, of the bedroom. I want to help them create more passion in their lives though using high end sex toys.

What was your career before sex-toy maker?

I have been making sex toys since I was 20. Sex toy designer was my first career.

How did you tell your family you were making sex toys?

My family is very liberal and we have been in an open conversation about sex ever since I was a child, so both my parents, and especially my father, have been very supportive of my business.

What is your all time favorite sex toy?

Apart from my own product, my favorite sex toy would have to be whatever my lover prefers. Its good to switch it up and keep exploring. There are a lot of great products coming out these days and I am really proud to be apart of the movement for high quality sex products.

Why should couples use sex toys?

I believe couples should use sex toys because it increases the personal and sexual connection, and it allows them to discover a new dimension of pleasure together. Using sex toys teaches trust, and allows barriers to be removed, both of which can lead to fully letting go. When you let go, you get deeper into the sexual interaction, a place where you can fully give, and receive, the love and pleasure that is being provided, and you can feel it to the fullest extent.

I also believe that the art of foreplay has been lost, and integrating sex toys is a good way to explore the body prior to love making. Increased foreplay will lead to better sexual connections and intensified orgasm. Exploring different materials and sensations that cannot be achieved solely with human interaction is a fun way to foreplay.

One thing people may not know about your Dilettos, but something they should know is…

Glass can be heated and cooled for temperature play using hot or cold water, and when glass sits at room temp, it tends to be quite cold.  Allowing the body to feel the intensity of the coolness, allows you to then heat it with the body. This builds up intensity.

The hardness of glass can be used to to stimulate the G-spot and does not require much movement at all, in fact, the hardness allows for subtle movements. With glass it’s fun to find the orgasmic wave and ride it for as long as possible.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

Blending art & sex and creating a product that’s extremely pleasurable.

Be sure to check out Steel’s hand blown creations here.

And tell us…

What’s your favorite material for a sex toy?