Must Reads: Masturbation May

By on May 22, 2015

Before Masturbation May comes to an end, we bring you a short list of books about solitary sex.

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1. Sex for One

Betty Dodson is the self-proclaimed “Grandmother of Masturbation.” That’s because she did a lot to put the M word on the map. If it wasn’t for Dodson’s candor and comedic sense of timing, we’d still be fiddling in the dark. When it comes to a classic, you can’t go wrong with Sex for One.

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2. Solitary Sex: A Cultural History of Masturbation

Calling all history buffs! Want to know why masturbation gets such a dirty rap? Then this is the book for you. Thomas Laqueur explores what is thought of as “the last taboo” with the thoroughness of a scholar and the words of a good writer. If you want to stump your friend’s at a party, this book gives you lots to talk about.

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3. The BIG Book of Masturbation

From angst to zeal, Martha Cornog digs deep down to help you understand everything you need to know about going at it solo. A good choice for those who want a little from Column A, and some from Column B.

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4. First Person Sexual

In this book of 43 first person accounts of self-pleasure, both truth and fiction is used to explore how women and men pet the kitty or charm the snake.

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5. Getting Off: A Woman’s Guide to Masturbation

Chief Gasm Officer Jamye Waxman has written a thorough account of female masturbation — from the history to the how to. Not only is the book easy to read, but it comes with handy tips and a foreword by Dodson herself — with illustrations by the ever so talented Molly Crabapple.



We would love to hear your tips and tricks for getting off this month! Don’t be shy; share yours with us.