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Sex Toys and Men: What’s The Point?

By on February 19, 2014

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Male sex toys are all the rage in pleasure these days. So what can a guy use to get turned on and get off?

The kingdom of sex toys has been ruled by female toys since the stone age. It’s 2014 though, and demand for male sex toys has been continuously growing stronger — and brands like Tenga and Fleshlight are storming the castle (brimming with female vibrators).

So, why is the male sex toy market exploding?

Because variety is the spice of life! and because masturbation with sex toys can increase a man’s stamina, increase the intensity of his orgasms, and help him learn more about his own sexual responses as well as adding some new sensations. Different types of toys serve to enhance the sexual experience in different ways; some toys hone in on pleasure while others aim to prolong sex.

Cock rings serve both purposes by trapping blood in the penis, which can lead to stronger, firmer erections. Rings, when worn behind the testicles, hold the balls up and away from the body — which can keep a man from climaxing too quickly. The extra firmness can lend itself to increased sensitivity as well, and some oh so amazing orgasms are sure to ensue. Some of the hottest cock rings on the market are the Tantus Supersoft C-Ring and the Je Joue Mio. The Tantus Supersoft C-Ring doesn’t vibrate, but it’s affordable and, as the name implies, soft and stretchy. The Je Joue Mio is a premium, luxury rechargeable vibrating ring,  but isn’t quite as stretchy as the Tantus ring.

Masturbation sleeves can help a man learn his sexual response cycle (how his body acts through the different phases of sex) by conditioning the body to take more stimulation before orgasm. Masturbating with different textures and designs can condition a man’s body to tolerate intense stimulation without numbing his senses. The Stamina Training Unit by Fleshlight is specifically designed to overwhelm a man’s senses (it is a tight tunnel filled with very pronounced bumps); over time this stimulation is supposed to become less and less overwhelming.  Pipedream Toys also produces a line labeled “cock trainers” that come in several different orifice styles (mouth, butt, etc.) with an accompanying motion sensor. The motion sensor functions just like a pedometer, but it counts strokes instead of steps. While the idea hasn’t been scientifically proven, a man should be able to shoot for a higher number of strokes each time that he masturbates and improve his stamina.

Penis pumps — when used correctly and in conjunction with cock rings — can lead to very intense orgasms. They work by creating a vacuum around the penis, which sucks blood into the veins of the cock. As fresh blood is pulled into the penis, it grows hard; a cock ring constricts the base of the penis and holds the blood inside. This leads to heightened sensitivity, a thicker and heavier feeling penis (which can, in my experience, make a man feel sexier), and often a more veiny appearance. There are two types of penis pumps, those that work with water and those that work with air. Bathmate is one of the biggest producers of the water based variants and their line of pumps are generally respected as safe — but it isn’t easy to use a Bathmate pump with a cock ring. There are all sorts of air based pumps, but if you intend to purchase an air penis pump, you should do your research and follow the instructions carefully. The risks of using a penis pump the wrong way can range from bursted blood vessels to permanent nerve damage.

Anal toys are one of the biggest taboos for men. We are taught by society that the ass is off limits. Period. Especially for men. Jasmine R., a writer for College Candy, thought anal was only for gay men! Men that do enjoy receptive anal play are often immediately assumed to be gay — even by men that love penetrating their wives anally.

Anal toys can serve to make a man’s orgasm much more intense, and the different types have unique pros and cons. Butt plugs can provide dull stimulation to the prostate — a walnut sized gland that is loaded with nerves — while giving the sphincter something to squeeze against, which in turn can cause stronger orgasms. Dildos, prostate massagers such as the products by Aneros, and anal beads can provide pinpoint prostate stimulation while also sliding back and forth over the nerves in the sphincter. Your ass, regardless of gender or orientation, is YOUR ass, and it’s loaded with nerves that can provide amazingly orgasmic sensations!

If you are a man and you’ve been curious about sex toys, it’s time to jump in! Do some research and find something that interests you and give it a shot. You can enjoy a much better sex life, and help kill the stigma around male sexuality. Don’t let closed minded people or writers for Jezebel tell you what your sex life can and can’t be. Buy a masturbation sleeve, a cock ring, or even a rainbow sherbet butt plug that catches your fancy, and learn more about your body while having a damn good time! Your sexuality is yours! Grab it by the horns and do what feels good!

What’s your favorite male sex toy?