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Stories That Made Us Go O in 2013

By on December 31, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 8.36.11 AMWhen we look back on 2013, here are 14 stories that provided us with nothing but pleasure.

    • In 2013, we met Theo and Beau, two Santa Cruz cuties who love to cuddle. When their mother posted these photos on her Instagram page, the world couldn’t get enough of a boy and his dog.


    • Director Casey Neistat used 20th Century Fox’s promotional video budget for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to feed and help victims of the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan. When he went to Tacloban with his $25,000 budget, he did this.



    • No lie. Men fake orgasms too — and divorced men are the most likely to fake it before they make it.



    • A father’s love for his gender-creative son has nothing to do with how his son dresses, or that he likes to wear dresses. His message to all of us is: “Get over it.”


    • If Only For A Second, the carefree Cancer campaign that captured our hearts and made our eyes water.



    • Robot masturbation may sound weird, but is being jerked off by a virtual robot all that bad? If it gives you pleasure, and isn’t hurting anybody, why not enjoy the Oculus Rift?




    • Can you say Kindu? This year, we learned about the app that allows you to talk about sexual fantasies with your partner, as well as five other apps for kahnoodling and sexy times.


    • Brad Pitt’s love letter to Angelina Jolie sheds light on relationships and provides words of encouragement for the less-than-best times.



What story gave you the most pleasure in 2013?