Sexy Websites We Are Thankful For

By on November 27, 2014

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In the past year, we’ve been lucky enough (and unlucky at times too) to lay our eyes on some fun and sexy sites. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here’s a short list of sites we’re thankful for.

If you’re celebrating today, or even if you’re not, enjoy!

Cumming or Drumming

In this game, you guess if each person is having an orgasm or playing the drums. We took the test a couple of times, and still couldn’t get 100%. You’ll never be able to look at a drummer the same way again.

Sex and Psychology

Dr. Justin Lehmiller ritualistically shares interesting blog posts that are always backed up by verifiable research; it’s guaranteed to give any sex geek a thrill.

Oh Joy Sex Toy!

Erika Moen draws you into her comic reviews of various sex toys and other enhancement products. If you’re a fan of having sex reviewed, you will thoroughly enjoy Moen’s handiwork.

Don’t Tell Your Dad

We promise we won’t tell our dads, but for any dads (or other people out there that like sexy photos of beautiful women), this NSFW Tumblr curated by young women in Madrid will give you some inspiration for masturbation. Or it may inspire you to wear sexy clothes, pose sexy and feel sexy all pressed up against a car in the pouring rain (as if that wasn’t sexy already).

Warwick Rowers

This site reminds everyone that naked rowers can change the world. Warwick Rowers sells calendars in an attempt to earn money to fight homophobia in sports.


What sexy websites are you thankful for?