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When Did Halloween Become the Poster Holiday For Bringing Sexy Back?

By on October 28, 2013

When did Halloween go from being about candy to being about eye candy?


Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of sexy in my clothing every so often. And yes, women are sexy. With our curves, our boobs (which, most human beings want to latch onto at some point in their infant lives), our softer faces and “delicate” features, there’s no denying that a fine lookin’ lady can make you want to rub your leg all up and down her leg. But just because you’re the dude dressed in a costume that hides your identity doesn’t mean that you should be salivating over a woman whose costume is so skimpy she’s lucky that it hides her pubic hair. It’s as if, at this point, women should just wear their vulvas for Halloween (as humorously pointed out by The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal). There are better times and places to flaunt your vulva, and a holiday that also caters to children of all ages (and def. the young ones) is probably not the best time for vagina time.

Is marketing to blame for the “Skin is Sexy” Halloween campaign? It has everything do with it. Costume sites everywhere have a sexy section, and the number of costumes in that section continue go grow (with costumes that grow smaller and smaller). Costume companies make costumes that SCREAM, “Hey lady, it’s time to show more skin!” No pressure, but really, total pressure. Lingerie companies also make Halloween costumes, which are often better suited for private, sexy, role play. And there are lots of costumes that don’t even call for sexy, but have somehow made it into the sexy section (see sexy Sexy French Fries, Sexy Watermelon and Sexy Twizzlers if you want an idea of what I’m talking about). When you look at the same costumes for men: French Fries, Watermelon and Tootsie Roll (I guess Twizzlers can only be sexy for women because there is no male alternative), they are not only not sexy, but they cover every inch of his body, with the exception of his face.

Like all good double standards, this Halloween one says that the sexy back in question is not about guys (sorry Justin Timberlake), it’s about showing more lady skin and making women feel that if they don’t bring sexy up on Halloween, then they’re doing it wrong. It’s like the best costume is less costume.

Halloween used to be about the 2 c’s (coin and candy), but now it’s about the other two c’s (cock and coochie). My advice: Go to the shops on November 1st and buy all the sexy costumes you can, once they’re on sale. Then keep them around for the year to come, and wear them to explore your sex life. This way, you are bringing sexy back, and adding fun on top of that too. Wait until after Halloween to bring sexy back and you’ll most definitely get the better deal.

Do you think dressing sexy is a good thing on Halloween?