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10 Sex Moves That Most Women Hate
Because we live in a culture that’s ambushed by acrobatic pornography and unrealistic depictions of sex, it’s no surprise that so many men are totally eating it (not in...
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For the Love of Penis
It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and we just wanted to share how thankful we are for one of the things that make us smile. We’re talking dick, lots o’...
This Woman Shares Her Happy Abortion Story
In a world where the Pope says we need to “forgive” women for their abortions and a society that still fights women’s rights to use birth control — it’s...
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Is an App What You Need to Score a Threesome?
For those of us in longer term relationships who are looking for something new to do, or for those of us looking to hook up with more than...
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That One Time When Texas Banned Condoms and Homosexuality From Sex Ed
Sex ed in the U.S. has been known to be sub par due to this country’s “traditional” take on sex — but a particularly harrowing example of how...
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Creators of Flirty Robot Had to Explicitly Ban People From Having Sex With It
Pepper, an “emotional” robot, that sold out in June of this year, can now no longer be sold to customers unless they sign a contract saying they won’t...