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On Death, Dying and Orgasms
When two of our favorite sex nerds get together, our ears start buzzing. That’s exactly what happened this week when Megan Andelloux, sexologist and founder of the...
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Twitch Bans Consensual Gay Video Game, But Exploitative Hetero Games Get a Pass
Watch a clip from Rinse and Repeat (NSFW). Twitch, a popular streaming service, banned Rinse and Repeat, a homoerotic video game based around washing some guy’s back...
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Sexy Unsexy Costumes for Tricking and Treating this Halloween
Halloween is only two days away—and if you’re still in need of some last minute inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Sexy Tampon Nothing screams sexy like a bloody...
Jeffrey & Meika Hollender
Sustain: The Condom Company Working to Change The Sexual Landscape For Good
At Gasm.org, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest information on the most revolutionary and empowering sex products on the market, and we would be doing our audience a...
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How to Have Cybersex:90s Style
The 90s was the time of Beavis and Butthead, Dunkaroos, The Macarena, and gel pens. But it was also the time where the Internet began to take a...
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Depression vs. Sex and Dating: Otherwise Known as a Horrible Combination
When I first got this gig writing for Gasm I thought it was a dream come true! I get to write whatever I want about sex and...