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How to Break Up With Anyone
Relationship problems don’t discriminate: They infect anybody, anytime, anywhere. The funny thing is, society is so focused on the demise of the romantic relationship that most people...
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Is The LBGT Youth Lifeline Online?
Forty percent of homeless youths identify as LGBT, according to the Williams Institute. And according to this mini documentary by Vocativ (above), the Internet and social media have...
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50 Nerds of Grey
Nerds know their stuff. So when one decided to geek out on the concepts in the 50 Shades trilogy, we were hooked pretty quickly. If these tweets don’t...
Future Sex Dolls Could Have Intelligent Conversations With You
Matt McMullen, the inventor responsible for the sex dolls known as RealDolls (link is NSFW), is working on new dolls that will be able to have intelligent conversations...
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Dirty Furniture
Inspired by a recent Craigslist Portland posting for a Vagina chair that you can no longer buy, we searched the interwebs to bring you what some may consider “dirty” furniture. It...
This Guy Wrote Pixar Minion Porn
Author Leonard Delaney, the same man who wrote an erotic story about some lady having sex with a Microsoft Office helper icon, took advantage of the Pixar minion craze...