Presents Sexy, Tasty Treats

By on May 26, 2014

Are you pining for something sweet in your mouth? Do you want just the right sexy treat to tantalize your tastebuds? Check out the video Tasty Treats to see’s Krissy Eliot talk to Good Vibes‘ buyer Coyote Days about delicious lubes, condoms, and candies for you to savor.

Like what you see? Click any of the following links and give your tongue what it wants.


Mint Chocolate Condom by ONE

You know those delicious Andes candies that you look forward to at the end of a fancy dinner? Imagine that taste… on a condom. ONE’s mint chocolate condom can make you very hungry for your partner. Remember: no teeth!

Cherry Vanilla Lube by Sliquid

Sliquid’s lubes are so syrupy good that they taste like they belong on ice cream. But they taste even better if you put them on your partner…

Vulva Candy (Store Exclusive)

Do you go ga-ga for good candy? (And good coochie?) Good Vibes offers some delicious treats in the store — in the shapes of penises, vulvas, and more!


Which taste tempts you?

Krissy Eliot

Krissy Eliot is's creative director. She's a writer, videographer, citrus dessert enthusiast, and professional purveyor of sex talk. Feel free to lurk her at