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By on October 26, 2015

The 90s was the time of Beavis and Butthead, Dunkaroos, The Macarena, and gel pens. But it was also the time where the Internet began to take a strong hold in society. Not a lot of people knew how to use it, and there were a lot of VHS tapes being passed around to educate us on its many uses… including cybersex.

How to Have Cybersex on The Internet is a hilariously hokey 90s instructional video from, and it explains exactly how to get down and dirty in a chatroom. In the video, we see a woman in an oversized sweater giving a step by step explanation of how to talk in chatrooms. And it’s painfully cheesy.

We see her sitting at the desk, and then the video zooms in on her computer screen.

“I’m very horny and I’m looking for some good cybersex,” she types. And what happens next, you won’t believe.

If you thought cybersex was awkward nowadays, this video will show you that 90s cybersex was… something else entirely.


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Gaygasm LGBTQgasm

By on October 12, 2015

Forty percent of homeless youths identify as LGBT, according to the Williams Institute. And according to this mini documentary by Vocativ (above), the Internet and social media have given LGBT youth a new lifeline.

“My phone really saved my life through this entire experience,” says 23-year-old Matthew, one of the documentary’s interviewees.

Because of the Internet, Matthew was able to find LGBT groups to support him in his time of need.

Despite the positive impact of the Internet — there are also cons. LGBT youths often trade sex for shelter and food when they’re down and out.

“The technology is wonderful, and social media is wonderful, but it also is a gateway for a lot of people that prey on our youth,” says gay activist, Rick Westbrook. “Just because someone pushes a button and friends you, doesn’t mean that they’re your friend.”


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fetishgasm techgasm ToyGasm

By on October 5, 2015


RealDoll replicas of porn stars’ bodies at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas. Credit: HuffPost

Matt McMullen, the inventor responsible for the sex dolls known as RealDolls (link is NSFW), is working on new dolls that will be able to have intelligent conversations with their owners. RealDolls are already lifelike enough with their curvaceous bodies and realistic-looking genitals — if you add speech to the mix, you’re dealing with some serious A.I. shit.

In this NY Times video, we see McMullen working with engineers to create a robot who can respond and move like a human woman. It’s really cool — and also really freaking weird. Check it out:

Would you ever own an A.I. RealDoll? Why or why not?