Creators of Flirty Robot Had to Explicitly Ban People From Having Sex With It

By on November 9, 2015

Pepper, an “emotional” robot, that sold out in June of this year, can now no longer be sold to customers unless they sign a contract saying they won’t try to have sex with him. Why? Because apparently, that was happening a lot — to the point that the creators at SoftBank Robotics Corp had to do something about it. The robot isn’t made for sex, but for some reason, Pepper says a lot of flirty and misleading things, such as: “Was your first love a different flavor from normal love?” and “If you could give me a new name, would it be Hot Pepper?”

The robots words don’t necessarily suggest that he’s a sexbot — but the makers may want to use different diction in the future to keep this kind of thing from happening again.


Do you think Pepper’s words encourage sexual interaction?