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How to Have Cybersex:90s Style

By on October 26, 2015

The 90s was the time of Beavis and Butthead, Dunkaroos, The Macarena, and gel pens. But it was also the time where the Internet began to take a strong hold in society. Not a lot of people knew how to use it, and there were a lot of VHS tapes being passed around to educate us on its many uses… including cybersex.

How to Have Cybersex on The Internet is a hilariously hokey 90s instructional video from, and it explains exactly how to get down and dirty in a chatroom. In the video, we see a woman in an oversized sweater giving a step by step explanation of how to talk in chatrooms. And it’s painfully cheesy.

We see her sitting at the desk, and then the video zooms in on her computer screen.

“I’m very horny and I’m looking for some good cybersex,” she types. And what happens next, you won’t believe.

If you thought cybersex was awkward nowadays, this video will show you that 90s cybersex was… something else entirely.


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